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yay :)

Ive been looking at all the diffrent bardo manifestations, and have made 2 observations:
A: This bardo is going to be scary AF.
B: youve been working on the bardo alot :P
also, how big a part of this game is the bardo? like, how much time will be spent in the bardo? 40:60? 80:10?

The Bardo will probably take up half of the entire game once it's all done, but I'm not entirely sure yet. It will be a bit more linear and straight-forward than the physical world. Although some parts of the Bardo will be peaceful and pretty, most of it should be scary where you will have to face the demons of your mind. I'm doing my best to make it creepy, surreal and spooky :)


this game is going to be bizzare and amazing at the same time.

Yes, this will be a very strange game. I'm aiming for amazing too! Hopefully I'll succeed. I'm at least personally happy with how everything is progressing and turning out so far. Glad you're excited :)

I really can't wait! Seriously, I've been a fan of your games since the first Earth Taken game, and I've loved the new Earth Taken games! I am so looking forward to this game and can't wait to play it! Will it cost money? If so where are you planning on selling it?

Also, would love to see a new Earth Taken game after this game, ofcourse after you've taken a break from game developing, since this has taken such a long time and probably alot of work, you deserve some real rest after this is done! ^^

Oh nice! Really glad you're excited :)
When I started working on "Enter The Flesh Again", my original plan was to try to get it on Steam through the Greenlight system and ask a small price for it, but now I don't really know. We'll see. I'm just focusing on working on the actual game right now. Still much to do.

Will Enter The Flesh Again be open world like Earth Taken 3? (I know i'm making lots of earth taken references)

Yes, it will be, but it will also be very different. For example, every time you are born into the physical realm as some kind of creature, the game produces a randomly/procedurally generated world where you will live out your life until you die, either from old age or from being killed somehow. The spiritual world, the Bardo, will be a bit more linear with a more pronounced storyline, but it will also be in a sort of open world like Earth Taken 3, where you are free to go where you want, when you want.