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SEND IN THE HOUNDS!!! that rabbit looking fellow is cute

Hehe, those rabbit fellows are called Tuyaos, and they're one of the few humanoid creatures you'll be able to play as. Oh and like all playable creatures in the physical realm, you'll play from birth until you die of old age, if you survive that long.

This game looks so fucking cool! About how close is it to being done?

Most of the content is already in the game and working pretty nicely, but there's still much to do. I'm hoping to get it done before the end of this year, but I'm not promising anything :P

Couple things, first, those demon hounds look insanely op, especially if they live in packs that big.
Second, I know we get to play as the animals and humanoids, but can we play as any of the plants? Just curious. And three, the Tuyaos and dingalopes are definatly my favorites so far. Oh and last,
I know the humanoids and everything else have families, but can the humanoids form large tribes? And fight the other humanoids and their corresponding mounts?

Those Demon Hounds can be quite tricky to fight when they're in packs, especially if you're being attacked from all sides, but they're actually some of the easier demons in the game.

You won't be able to play as a plant. I actually considered that ages ago when I was still planning everything, but no.

You won't be able to build a village or form a tribe.
It would be awesome, but unfortunately it's a bit outside of the scope of this game. Of course you will be able to encounter other humanoids and fight them and their corresponding mounts, but not on a grand scale. Once you find a mate and have a child together, that's basically your tribe.

Last thing: I've been looking back at all the posts, and this world looks insanely brutal. Even something that wold appear like easy prey, such as a oryx, can totally maim you. Even the plants can explode or eat you or shoot fire orbs at you. Not to mention the dangerous things, like Mysocats and even the friendly dingalope can kill and eat other animals.

Yep, it's definitely not a friendly world, but non-predators won't attack you unless you attack them first or harm them in some way. A lot of plants can be relentless though, and they don't care who or what you are.