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Inner Fire

Posted by SeethingSwarm - November 30th, 2017

Aarya is fighting a few Demon Hounds in the Bardo; the state of existence between death and rebirth. In this instance she is using “Inner Fire”, a blue fireball of energy that she summons from within to fight her demons. This is one of the many upgrades available in the game that can be “purchased” by spending wisdom points acquired in the physical realm. These upgrades are the manifestation of her enlightened essence and her level of spiritual awakening. It represents her ability to realise that all the demons she encounters in the Bardo are merely hallucinations of her own mind and that she is essentially in conflict with herself.

Wisdom points are earned through many ways while you play through the lifetimes of many different creatures in the physical world; helping others in need, discovering sacred texts or other messages of insight, practicing meditation, raising your children, surviving until old age, acting with compassion, awareness, mindfulness etc.

Inner Fire

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Info like this makes me realize how huge this game actually is. No wonder it has been being developed for ages now :D

It's been a long journey, and still much to do! And yeah it's big, well, it's the biggest game I've ever worked on. I can't wait for it to be ready, but still I don't want to rush it.

this game just keeps looking better and better, im getting really hyped for it

Awesome, and thanks! :)

Not a post since november. :( Seething, if your reading, one suggestion. Don't spoil anything semi-big about the game like you did before you released ETIII. You showed us so much I didn't feel suprised about anything while I played ET3.

Alright, I'll keep that in mind thanks! :)

when is coming out

Hopefully some time this year, but no idea. No release date yet, still much to do.

So the game will have a campaing and a survival mode?
like the campaing is going to be Aarya trying to escape the bardo and the survival will be the life of one of those creatures?
im just curious ok because if Aarya is escaping the bardo we cant play as one creature if we're doing the campaing.

Yeah. You are gonna go through the lives of many different creatures from birth until death. It will be sort of a survival mode in randomly generated worlds, where you have to eat so you won't starve to death. You are constantly aging until you grow into an adult and then later die of old age, unless you die before that. Your main goal is to acquire wisdom points, by doing things like like helping others in need, discovering sacred texts or artifacts, raising your child into adulthood, meditating etc.

Whenever you die, you go to the Bardo, a state of mind between death and rebirth. This is sort of the main campaign as you put it. Here you will always play as Aarya. She is the representation of a bardo being in this game. Here you will use your wisdom points, as currency, to unlock doors and discover new worlds, purchase new upgrades for example more devastating attacks, and acquire new playable creatures for the physical realm etc.

When you play as Aarya, your main goal is to escape the Bardo. To do so you will have to face the demons of your own mind...