Acid Bunny!

2013-08-26 20:21:30 by SeethingSwarm

Hey my wonderful newgrounder buddies!
Acid Bunny has made his way onto Newgrounds and he needs your help to put his friend back together after a rather horrific consequence of his latest flashback in this strange new platform game! It has some mature content, but it is overall a cute, fun little game that by no means strives to be realistic in any way. Hope you guys enjoy the game and if you do, please vote it up and help Acid Bunny get through the portal to find a safe place here on NG! Thank you!


Acid Bunny!


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2013-08-27 04:39:11

Really awesome gameplay, it surprised me!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thank you! It's nice to hear the gameplay is fun. I'm trying really hard to get better with game design even though I can't help making my games a little strange and potentially alienating and offending a lot of people :P


2013-08-27 10:13:21

Will FP after the Ludum Dare storm! And sorry I couldn't come through on sponsorship. Better days are ahead.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Awesome, thank you! ...and don't worry about it :)


2013-08-28 01:57:18

In B4 Tom, yay! It's called freedom of speech, don't sweat it! Before the internet, we were constantly swamped with rigged/messaged/politically correct material.

Shit, maybe I should make a donation. I'm about due to renew my Supporter Upgrade, maybe I can do better.....

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah I'm definitely taking advantage of my freedom of expression with games like Acid Bunny and Hobo :D The hate mail and negative reviews can sometimes be very crushing and at the same time hilarious! I get over it :)


2013-08-29 16:49:51

I like much

SeethingSwarm responds:

I'm glad! Thank you for letting me know :) It's always nice to hear from people who enjoy my stuff!