Earth Taken 2: NEW FEATURES #2

2013-12-01 04:57:25 by SeethingSwarm

The combat knife is an effective close range weapon, and it is also your starting weapon in Earth Taken 2. Use it to break through wooden barriers and cut through enemies. The coolest thing about the knife is when you sneak up behind an enemy, or get close enough, you can do a stealth kill move that will instantly get rid of your foe. Awesome stuff.

Earth Taken 2: NEW FEATURES #2


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2013-12-01 05:17:56

Sounds like an awesome addition! Did you update the author description and the walkthrough in-game as well?

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks! ...I'm not sure what you mean, This is a new weapon for the upcoming sequel. It's not a new weapon for Earth Taken 1.


2013-12-01 05:20:50

when's the next Hobo coming out

SeethingSwarm responds:

I've made seven of them already and after taking Hobo to heaven to fight God and all his angels, I think I'm pretty much done with that series. It was an awesome, fun experience, but I would like to make other kinds of games as well. Have you played all of the Hobo episodes in one go? It's a pretty epic experience :)


2013-12-01 12:54:29

I canĀ“t wait for the sequel!! your games are the best stuff to find here on newgrounds.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks for the kind words! It's always nice to get comments like this and to know that some people out there like my creations. Much appreciated! Hopefully you'll like the sequel too :)


2013-12-02 08:50:33

Thank You So Much. Soooo Much... Now I can Kick those Aliens Asses without wasting my ammo!!
(In first game, I got a REALLY BIG PROBLEM When I Used every ammo... and saving, gathering ammo was little bit hard...)

Ps : Please make Better Bose Fight In second game. (First game's UFO Bose was really easy
with Full Upgraded FlameThrower. and UFO's Attacking Pattern was also not Very good...)

SeethingSwarm responds:

I'll do my best! And I'm glad this weapon solves some problems :) Thanks for the comment!


2013-12-07 16:39:31

whens this game coming out

SeethingSwarm responds:

Feb 2014


2013-12-10 11:46:55

What about the mouse control system? Is it set? We're all waiting for that.
The Predator & Combat Knife additions are awesome, but I think you should give the first priority on the mouse controls.

(Updated ) SeethingSwarm responds:

No. This game is designed for keyboard alone. There are thousands of shooting games out there that use the mouse and not enough games who cater for people who prefer to use the keyboard. I'm sorry if you don't prefer this control setup, but luckily you have the option to go play a whole range of shooting games with the mouse. I made this game for the keyboard on purpose, because I personally love the old-school style of playing like Contra, Alien Hominid, Earth Worm Jim etc. If I'm going to make it possible for others to play with the mouse, I would have to change so much to the game engine and it might screw things up for the keyboard control.

Please try to understand that this game is designed for the keyboard on purpose. It might not be the popular choice, but I've never been one to make games to please the masses and be a crowd pleaser. I make games that I personally enjoy and I'm sorry if this does not satisfy everyone out there.


2014-02-02 13:31:25

its frebuary but what day(and hours) it will leave(im brazillian sorry for the inglish)I want know i waying for it but the day of the launch i donnu can you awnser?

SeethingSwarm responds:

I'm still working on it as hard as I can. I can't tell you an exact day, sorry. I'm hoping to get it done within a week, but then I'm going to have to talk to potential sponsors, and once I've found one, then it will be released! I'm thinking a safe bet would be the middle of February, but I still can't say for sure. Oh, and don't worry too much about your english, I understood :)


2014-02-02 20:39:16

ok but awesome game i finished 3 times 1 as hacked cause i was tired and bored hope u continue doing awesome games you awesome please dont give up doing games like these

SeethingSwarm responds:

Wow, it's great that you played through it 3 times! Thanks for the kind words :)