Earth Taken 2: NEW FEATURES #6

2014-02-08 10:58:44 by SeethingSwarm

After a nuclear explosion, materials irradiated by neutrons from the bomb can be carried high into the atmosphere. The mixing of enormous amounts of airborne irradiated materials combined with heat can lead to rainfall. This rain is dark, sticky and dangerously radioactive. It can be absorbed by the skin, ingested by breathing and by consumption of contaminated food or water, causing radiation poisoning.

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2014-02-08 11:51:45

There's possibility to die by this rain, isn't there?

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yes! If you touch the rain, you will receive radiation and it will push up your RAD amount. Once you reach 500 RADS or over, you will die. There will be anti-rad medicine available from shops and traders in the game.


2014-02-08 12:45:07

Me standing in the rain: i dont see the point in that they say its dangerous
You: Get under the roof you #### idiot, and take your ######## mask on!
Me: why, the air is fresh and clean
You: "facepalm"

SeethingSwarm responds:

Haha! Yep! :D


2014-02-09 06:04:33

Can you just travel far far away from the radiation area so that you don't have to deal with this radiation? Or does it spread quickly around the world somehow? Oh and will the radiation affect the aliens as well? Does the rain have some sort of pattern to it like does it rain a few hours and then it stops raining then rains again a few time after?

(Updated ) SeethingSwarm responds:

Earth Taken 2 starts off where the original left off. You've managed to get far enough from a nuclear explosion to avoid death and immediate contact with radiation, but during the game you will encounter irradiated rainfall, or Black Rain, and the only way to avoid it would be to hide under a roof.

Radiation does not affect aliens at all. Like the original, Earth Taken 2 is mainly a Run 'n Gun game where you move through a linear storyline. It is not a free-roaming game with an open-ended world and rainfall will not have a certain pattern. When you encounter it, you won't be able to wait for it to stop raining. You will just have to find a way through it to get to an indoor location or a location where it is not raining.

The same goes for irradiated areas in the game. The linear storyline will sometimes go in a direction where you are forced to enter an area that contains radiation, and just like the rain, you'll have to find a way through it. The only way to heal from radiation is anti-rad medicine. You can get this from supply packs scattered throughout the game, or you can buy them from traders.

I hope this explains it a bit :)


2014-02-09 09:52:24

Is Black rain also have effect to allies??? I remember that i can give(or let them take themselves...) meds to allies at first game. that was good, But... If i need to care about my allies RADS, and need to give them anti RAD meds... that would be little bit anoying.(Unless anti RAD meds are not expensive or common...)

SeethingSwarm responds:

With radiation, you don't need to worry about anybody else except yourself. Other survivors can take care of themselves in this regard :)


2014-02-09 20:46:56

You have me by the short hairs! I can't wait for Earth Taken 2!

One question though; You stated that there will be food and water supplies that could be contaminated by Black Rain, and it would also cause radiation poisoning, which will kill you if you've retained large amounts of it . Will there be any way to know if the supplies you gathered, or consumed, are poisoned?

(Updated ) SeethingSwarm responds:

That's great! I'm glad you're excited :) I'm pretty stoked myself to get this game out there! Oh, and about the food and water supplies... none of the food rations you pick up will be contaminated and any water supply you encounter wil be fine. Sorry about the confusion in my post. The last comments are just to describe Black Rain a bit better. The way Black Rain will work in the game is pretty simple: Whenever you step into the rain, you will receive radiation. The moment you step out of the rain, you're fine... except for the radiation you received earlier. You'll need to take anti-rad medicine to get rid of radiation. These can be picked up from random supply packs or bought from traders for food.

Sorry if I mislead you with this news post :/