EnterTheFleshAgain and the miracle of birth

2014-08-24 11:30:24 by SeethingSwarm

I've been really busy working on "Enter The Flesh Again" in silent, but I feel like I should give you guys a little update of what I've been up to and how the game is going so far, so here's a little bit of blabbering 

I've been making it so that you can find a mate, get pregnant, give birth and raise your child to adulthood. This is quite a task, considering the amount of creatures in the game. So far, I've done it for all of the mammals in the game. It's challenging to find a willing mate, but once you do, I think it's pretty fun to have a companion walking around with you, and once you have a child, you become this little family discovering the world together!

There's still quite a few things I have to work out with this new system, but things are coming along pretty well. I haven't made this possible for creatures like butterflies and reptiles yet. Their life cycles are a bit different, especially Jellyfish. I'm still not sure how I'm going to make them work, but I'm going to try my best!



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2014-08-24 12:46:06

When its out?... or is it "Just" Released someday?
Ive been following this for a while and i hope it soon comes :D

Also im a big fan of your Hobo (Tried the first as a ten year old) And Earth Taken! Really good stories there :D

SeethingSwarm responds:

It's still going to take a few months before it's ready. This is the biggest and most ambitious game I've worked on, so hopefully the wait will be worth it. I'm really glad you're excited about Enter The Flesh Again and that you like my Hobo and Earth Taken series. Thanks for the kind words :)


2014-08-24 14:11:05

I'm glad to see another post from you, the last one was 1 month ago. You are right, the reptiles and butterflies can be quite different to mammals, the turtles just put their eggs in the beach and leave, you cant have turtles babies following you-WAIT A SECOND, these are air turtles, where are they going to put the eggs? Anyway, will you start your life with the help of your parents? (except if you are a turtle) That will be a great way to make a tutorial for the game.

(Updated ) SeethingSwarm responds:

As a creature like a butterfly or a jellyfish, you are born without your parents around, but as mammals, you have at least your mom with you. She follows you around until you grow into an adult. After that you can find a mate and start a little family of your own. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been busy :)


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2014-12-03 18:19:56

I was looking at some older post and this one really got me hype cant wait for the game this sounds awesome! :3

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks! I'm really glad you're interested in the game so far :) I hope I can do this game and its subject matter justice. So far it's going quite well, it's just taking time.