Entry #1

The becoming...

2008-03-12 12:36:51 by SeethingSwarm

Hi there everyone.
I am also known as SecretSecretary and this is my new account under my new username SeethingSwarm. I will keep my SecretSecretary account but from now on I will post my stuff here.

The Rise of a Knight is finally released and Im busy reading all the reviews and trying to respond to all. Thank you everybody for all the feedback!

The becoming...


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2008-03-12 12:43:02

I fear for the safety of that bunny.

SeethingSwarm responds:

:) Happy easter time!


2008-03-12 12:45:52

DIE bunny


2008-03-12 14:18:23

Looks good! keep it going!

SeethingSwarm responds:



2008-03-14 14:07:50

You're an awesome artist man.

SeethingSwarm responds:

thanks man :) Im glad you like my stuff. Im still learning a lot though...


2008-03-17 19:38:16

I kwen I had already saw that eye in other place...
hi there

SeethingSwarm responds:

Hello :)


2008-03-18 12:55:57


you are a great artist!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thank you :)


2008-03-20 00:57:22

The game was a hoot. I hope you can do better for your next flash. I like to leave reviews on a professional level by spotting things that could have been improved. This game had its problems but that does not mean it was a terrible game. I had fun playing it. Everyone else should give it whirl too.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Cool, thanks.


2008-03-29 19:25:25

favorite artist!

your game was so cool
i cant wait to see more games from you.

anyways happy later easter!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Nice, thank you :)
Hopefully there will be more soon!


2008-05-12 12:38:16

sorry for my review if its was a little agressive,because the day i writed it i was angry after everything around me because of my !&%$ of sister!

just a little question,how we do blam and saves?! what is that?!
thx for answering! your game is not that bad after all...


(Updated ) SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks for the apology, but I dont really get upset with people if they dont like my games. Im more upset with myself when that happens. Im glad you now kinda like my game :)

By reading the Help/FAQ on this website you will learn a lot about how everything works here on Newgrounds. The way you can help BLAM a crappy submission is to vote zero on it before it has passes the portal. The way you can help SAVE a good submission is to vote high on it before it has passed the portal.

Just go to the flash portal and start voting on new submissions. Make sure you dont become an unfair voter and vote things off just to be nasty, otherwise I will come over there and cut your balls off! Well, that would be impossible, but I would picture it in my head at least :)


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