Entry #105

EnterTheFleshAgain: Aarya #6

2017-04-04 12:30:39 by SeethingSwarm

Here’s another pic of my upcoming game “Enter The Flesh Again”. These Demon Hounds are some of the many different evil spirits and hallucinations Aarya will encounter in the Bardo. Usually found in packs, they are fast and savagely fierce.

Demon Hounds


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2017-04-07 23:41:36

And I thought the saber tooth things were scary. This are one step below flat-out terrifying. I'm beginning to wonder if this game might be a spiritually moving and maybe even a bit shell shocking (not that that's a bad thing.)

SeethingSwarm responds:

The game will definitely have some elements of terror in it. I'm actually struggling a bit to make it as scary as I originally planned, but hopefully I'll get there. And you're right, this game will be a spiritual action/adventure, more so than anything else... and yes, perhaps a bit shell shocking too. At least that's part of the plan :)


2017-05-21 21:51:40

How long have you been working on this game?

SeethingSwarm responds:

I've been busy working on this game in the background for ages. Damn, it must be almost 5 years now! It's been slow progress, because the subject matter is tricky and I really want to do it justice. Making the Earth Taken series and Acid Bunny games also really slowed things down... but I'm going to finish this game or die trying! :D


2017-06-07 18:23:24

He said he was going to finish this, or die trying. I certainly hope he's not dead... It seems forever since we've gotten on new post here or on Twitter...

SeethingSwarm responds:

Still kicking and working :)