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Here’s another pic of my upcoming game “Enter The Flesh Again”. These Demon Hounds are some of the many different evil spirits and hallucinations Aarya will encounter in the Bardo. Usually found in packs, they are fast and savagely fierce.

Demon Hounds

"Your mind will one day attain
the extinction of all desires.
You will see the maker.
You will see yourself."

Blue Aarya

After each lifetime, Aarya will encounter The Lord Of Death, otherwise known as both the Good Genius and the Evil Genius. This hallucination of Aarya’s will consult the Mirror of Karma and count the previous life’s good deeds with white pebbles, and evil deeds with black pebbles. The consequences will depend greatly on Aarya’s wisdom. She might be reborn into a higher plane of existence, or a lower plane as a Hungry Ghost, or even into the realm of Hell.
The Lord Of Death

Here’s another pic of my upcoming game “Enter The Flesh Again”. Aarya will encounter many demons and evil spirits in the Bardo. They are the manifestations of her own mind, and she will have to defeat them with Wisdom.

Aaray fighting demons in the Bardo

Aarya and the fox; her guide in the Bardo.

Aarya and the fox

This is Aarya, the main character in Enter The Flesh Again. Not knowing wether she is dreaming or not, she finds herself lost in a world where she is continuously transitioning from one life to the next. Trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, Aarya must find a way to escape the ever-turning wheel of life and her current caged existence.


Hellbeings are creatures tormented by their own evil actions from past lives. They wander endlessly through a world of utter despair, pain and suffering until they have shed all of their negative karma to finally be reborn into a higher realm of existence. A hellbeing is another one of many playable characters in my upcoming game "Enter The Flesh Again".


Red Berries restore a fair amount of hunger and health. They usually grow in patches of 2 or 3 and their life cycles are fairly short. Each berry ripens quickly, swells up and then bursts open to restart the cycle again. Creatures in close proximity can get damaged a tiny bit by these little explosions. The Red Berry is another one of the many different plants you'll find in my upcoming game "Enter The Flesh Again".

Red Berries

These brown pods grow from the network of veins that runs through this world. After a while, once they get heavy with ripeness, gravity rips them down and they explode as they hit the floor, spreading their seed and damaging any creature or plant in their wake. When a creature tries to bite at them or if they get disturbed enough while still growing from their branches, they will swell up and also explode. The Brown Pod is another one of the many different plants you'll find in my upcoming game "Enter The Flesh Again".

Brown Pods

EnterTheFleshAgain: Fauna and Flora #00

2016-04-01 12:13:33 by SeethingSwarm

Another one of the many playable creatures in my upcoming game "Enter The Flesh Again"!
Hobo is a cold-blooded killer born from its mother’s womb. It’s a vulgar creature feeding on trash, chaos and carnage. Hobo’s favourite activities are using its own bodily fluids on unsuspecting prey and taking naps. APRIL FOOLS'!