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SeethingSwarm's News

Posted by SeethingSwarm - September 4th, 2013

Hey my newgrounder buddies!
You ready for some apocalyptic action? Here's a gameplay trailer of a new game of mine called Earth Taken and it's gonna hit Newgrounds real soon! Hope you guys like what you see and keep checking back for updates on it!

Oh and I'm in the process of incorporating medals into some of my older games here on Newgrounds just for fun! The first game that got the medal treatment is Out of this World. The medals with this game is pretty straight forward; Every time you complete a new chapter in the game, you get a medal. I did this because I'm very unfamiliar with adding medals to games and I just want to make sure that everything works. Please go check it out and let me know if the medals are working properly and all that. I would really appreciate it so I won't get into trouble when I integrate medals with all my new games like this awesome new apocalyptic game of mine Earth Taken. While you're waiting for it to come out, GO PLAY OUT OF THIS WORLD!

That's it for now.

Oh no I almost forgot! If you like my stuff, you can get all kinds of info, videos, screenshots and more by visiting my facebook page or following me on twitter. Show your support to this poor little indie game designer :P Thanks!

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Posted by SeethingSwarm - August 26th, 2013

Hey my wonderful newgrounder buddies!
Acid Bunny has made his way onto Newgrounds and he needs your help to put his friend back together after a rather horrific consequence of his latest flashback in this strange new platform game! It has some mature content, but it is overall a cute, fun little game that by no means strives to be realistic in any way. Hope you guys enjoy the game and if you do, please vote it up and help Acid Bunny get through the portal to find a safe place here on NG! Thank you!


Acid Bunny!

Posted by SeethingSwarm - August 19th, 2013

Hey fellow Newgrounders, I've finally uploaded all of my old games to Newgrounds! Evil Forest is the last one, and I hope you guys like it! It's a randomly generated action RPG where every play-through will be a new experience. There's a hell of a lot going on in the backgrounded and it might lag a bit on slower computers. Sorry about that! This was a very ambitious project and I had a lot of trouble with optimization.

Anyway, please go check it out and if you like it, help it get through the portal by giving it a fair vote! Thanks! - Seething


Evil Forest is finally on NG!

Posted by SeethingSwarm - May 30th, 2013

It's been forever since I've been an active member... but I'm baaaaack!

I'm busy uploading old games, starting with Hobo 4. Some douchebaggery happened a couple of years back when a certain individual uploaded Hobo 4 as their own, preventing me from uploading it here. Even after Newgrounds removed the stolen game, I still couldn't upload it, because somehow the site was under the impression that the same file already existed on Newgrounds. I tried to contact Newgrounds for help and received no answer. After many attempts I finally gave up.

Uploading games to this site just didn't feel right, because I have a stupid, obsessive compulsive need for stuff to be chronological. AArgh! Well finally I'm back to try once more and I have a whole bunch of poopy games to share with all of you! Most of you guys have probably played these already, but please vote fairly even though these are old and used and wrinkled and saggy. I haven't published anything on Newgrounds in quite some time and things have changed! For example, I am not sure how to credit musicians, but I'll try to figure it out... I'm still new with all this new shit. Forgive my blabbering and my incompetence, and my most probably unmissed absence... and my games about puke, poop and other disgusting violence against everything.

Posted by SeethingSwarm - May 29th, 2013

A strange new adventure is waiting around the corner...

Posted by SeethingSwarm - July 28th, 2010

Hey everyone! My newest game is a bit different and more experimental than my previous games so I hope you like it!
The Illusionist's Dream: GO PLAY!

The Illusionist's Dream

Posted by SeethingSwarm - June 18th, 2010



Posted by SeethingSwarm - April 22nd, 2010

The third installment of the Hobo series is ready!
Hobo 3 continues with the story line where Hobo is a wanted fugitive after escaping from prison, and the government wants him dead or alive!


Posted by SeethingSwarm - December 7th, 2009

Thank you NG for putting Hobo Prison Brawl on the front page! Yay!
And thank you everybody for the support and for loving Hobo almost as much as I do :)
Please recommend this for the Fighting Games collection!

Hobo thanks you!

Posted by SeethingSwarm - December 5th, 2009

Yay! Hobo Prison Brawl is out :D

Hobo Prison Brawl!